guitar billet | curly redwood | craft wood | carving wood- 2 guitar blanks

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Can be cut into 2 guitar billets of one large slab as in second picture

This slab is not cut yet. Now it is the second picture. I know I have even confused myself. get to me 7o74 411 658 and I may be able to explain this better

Cut 65'' to 70'' x 16''x 2'' dead for 100 years and close to dry. Some of my woods may have been living trees 1000 years ago.

Work it now but no finish yet. let is sit for a month so it will acclimate to your area.

Shipping out of the lower 48 states will cost extra.

I have been cutting and selling woods from Northern ca in Eureka ca for over 53 years and still enjoy it.

Thanks for looking, George Buck