River table | live edge | Monterey Cypress slab - cypress1

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The sale is for slab for river table that will be 102 x 38 x 3.5'' thick and WET. This has been dead for 4 years but still really wet. I cut it thick so if it warps in drying there is room to straighten it out. My experience with Monterey cypress is that it does not move much at all. I have allot of this Cypress and the deal is good.

I photo shopped it to show it as a river table. For an extra $65 I would cut it as pictured so let me know and I will change the listing. The top picture is the slab and the bottom picture is the river table. If you are interested I am in Eureka Calif. so get to me.

Purchase 2 river slabs, get 20% off price or get more, than up to 50% off.

We carry many beautiful exotic grains including curly, lace burl and more. This slab is beautiful curly.

Sold unfinished but sanded, cleaned up and ready for final sanding.

NOTE I need zip code for shipping quote. Shipping out of lower 48 states will be extra.

The price is in-expensive as shipping will be high but I know it will be beautiful.

Thanks, George Buck